Training With The Club

In addition to special programs, the Rye Tri Club hosts weekly swim, bike and run outings through out summer months.  Check out the calendar for the upcoming schedule of events.

Important notice about group bike rides.

It is very important that you ride within your capabilities.

Do not put other member’s safety in jeopardy by showing up for a ride that you’re not capable of completing.  If you are unsure, we suggest you pick the slower group first and you can change the level as you progress… or work with our ride leaders and we will help you find the group you should be comfortable riding in. 

If you are a beginner or new to the group its mandatory that you come to the Tuesday night ride before showing up on the Saturday morning ride. This is a qualification ride prior to joining the Saturday group ride.

Below are the levels and the speeds associated with each level. 

A riders: 17 mph and up

B riders: 15 -17 mph

C riders: 15 - 12 mph

Tuesday night beginners 15-12 mph and below


Please get your bike serviced or given the once over by a bike mechanic before heading out on the roads. Also make sure you have a fully equipped emergency kit with you at all times along with ID, an emergency contact and your cell phone.