2018 Special Programs

Lake Placid/Maine 70.3 training group



Your Training Plan is designed by Tri-Trainer.com It starts in December and is designed to help you to ‘Peak’ in your fitness and race readiness for Maine or Lake Placid 70.3 in August / September 2018.

The Plan is a ‘ Performance Plan’ and although it doesn’t take into account your own current personal fitness level it takes you through the phases of Preparation, Base Building, Build and Race Prep, Peak, Taper and Race. This allows you to start early at an easy level of endurance and intensity and slowly build with the plan. The language of the plan is easy to understand but if there are any questions Ray Kelly has no problem with you contacting him and there will be plenty of educational conference calls.

The plan is delivered monthly on your Lap Top or Cell Phone through the Training Peaks ( TP) Platform and the Premium version will be included in the $40 monthly coaching cost. ( To be paid to Ray through Paypal). 

The Premium version allows you to enter your own workouts and to move workouts around. For example you could enter your own Yoga class or move a planned swim workout from Tuesday to Wednesday and even give yourself a Day Off! 

If you sign up for the Plan, Ray Kelly will offer regular video conference calls starting in           November to help you understand the Training Peaks Software and the importance of entering training data into TP so that you maximize its benefits to you. Jaime Jofre and Shoshana Riss are also available locally to answer questions about the TP platform.

Unlike his individual Tri-Trainer clients Ray will not be looking at your workouts or communicating with you on a daily basis but you will be able to e mail or text questions and he will be monitoring from time to time how close you are complying with the plan. There will be group Conference Calls on a regular basis to look at the data so you understand it.

The Plan allows Ray to enter organized group workouts to the schedule so if there are bike rides, runs or swims organized at the weekend in different locations he will add that to the schedule.

Everybody needs to ‘chill’ but not ‘veg’ at the end of the 2017 Season so the idea is for November and December to focus heavily on Preparation, Technique and Strength work with Conference calls throughout November and December educating you on the use of Training Peaks and areas like Heart Rate, Pace or Power Zone setting.

If you are interested in signing up please e mail Ray Kelly razortri@aol.com and Ken Harris santryken@aol.com 


2018 8th Tri-Trainer Lake Placid Clinic

This year’s Tri-Trainer Lake Placid Training Camp is Friday June 8th - Sunday 10th

Friday - Swim/Bike. Open Water Swim Coaching and up to 1 loop of Mirror Lake (1.2miles), followed by up to 1 loop of the IM Lake Placid Bike course (56 miles).

Shorter routes available.

Saturday - Swim/Bike. Open Water Swim Coaching and up to 1 loop of Mirror Lake followed by up 1-2 loops of the Ironman Lake Placid course (56-112 miles). Shorter routes available.

Afternoon presentations on Sports Psycology, Ironman and 70.3 Training, Nutrition Race Prep.

Dinner (included) & Guest Speaker.

Sunday - Run - 13-20 miles depending where you are in your training. Nutrition and Hydration supported. Everybody enters the Lake Placid Half or Full Marathon ( Not Compulsory!)

When: June 8th -10th 2016

Where: Lake Placid New York

Hotel : Golden Arrow 800.582.5540

Booking is under Tri-Trainer Group. Double room $139-$159 + Tax includes breakfast.

The cost of the camp is $350 and includes dinner and a Cycling Jersey. If you would like to find out more please contact the Ray Kelly at Razortri@aol.com