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Team Timberman Ride


All A& B rides are welcome to join .


Sunday June 5th from Harriman State Park in Rockland County. Arrive at 7.30am as the Ride starts at 8am sharp



81 days to from May 31st to race day     





We are planning on taking our 2nd road trip of the 2016 season this coming Saturday to Harriman State Park which is spectacular scenic ride around the state park. Here the plan…


The ride over to the park takes about 35-40 mins drive time from Rye so make sure you leave plenty of time to get there for 7.30am.

Its very important to remember that if you get there after 8am there is an $8 parking fee so lets get there no later than 7.45am so we hit the road at 8am sharp.

Here’s how to get there.  Basically TZ bridge to RT 17 to Seven Lakes Drive. Follow Seven Lakes Drive north about 10.3 miles until the 2nd roundabout or traffic circle and you will see Tiorati Lake on your right and a parking lot on your left..go ¾ ways around the roundabout/traffic circle and head into the parking lot and you will see other riders getting ready.



We have to options for our ride, one of which is to do the ride we did a few weeks ago which covers about 46 miles or the other would be to ride from the park over to Bear Mountain and climb to the top and ride back to the park and do a few miles to finish up..either way it will be fun and the weather is supposed to be great.



Here’s one of the many routes in Harriman State Park to ride.


Go N on 7 Lakes Drive to mile 1.3  Turn right up the hill on Lake Welch Pkwy.  A steady mild climb (1-6%) grade until mile 4.  Then the fun starts.  Steady downhills (some parts very steep) to the bottom of the hill at mile 6.3.  Take a SHARP left hairpin turn up the hill to Tiorati Brook Rd.  Go west up the hills to the lake at mile 9.  (This contains three or four decent hills, but there are flat parts between.)  If riders can handle Riversville it should not be a major issue - but they'll be glad to reach the lake at the top!  Follow Tiorati Brook Rd. North over a fun series of rollers (mostly downhill) to the visitor center/beach at the roundabout (mile 10.2).  Head back south on 7 Lakes Dr. to the car park - mile 16.5.  That's the basic loop.  You can then head back the way you came up to the visitor center/beach.  That's 6.5 miles or so or 13 round trip.  That would make a total of about 30 miles.


PLEASE email me at and let me know that you are coming to the ride. If you have any questions about the ride or need my number just in case you get lost getting there, email me in advance so your not doing so the last minute.


The rides are getting longer so you need to make sure you bring more fluids and nutrition to hold you over. Its really important that you start to bring the fourth element into these rides and train your body to accept your nutrition plan. You don’t want to be introducing new products on race day and spoil your race experience so start to get it going in the right direction now.


Make sure to bring your sneakers for a wee run/brick after..10-15 min run.

Email Ken Harrisat with any questions.


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